The programme SuomiTan is an electronic version of the Finnish and Danish pocket dictionary ("Suomi-Tanska-Suomi taskusanakirja") by Sirkka Kroman, WSOY 1991 and Sanoma Pro 2007.


Suomitan can also find the meaningful parts (morphemes) of the given Finnish or Danish word. The programme will recognise the regular derivations, inflexions and compounds in both languages.


SuomiTan runs on a PC with Windows 98 or any later version, including Windows 11. It may be downloaded freely from a subdivision of the web site


The Finnish-Danish part of the dictionary has been supplemented so that it contains the more than 100.000 entry words in the printed Kielitoimiston sanakirja from 2012. Words can be looked up in a newer version of this dictionary on


I have added references to the Danish-Finnish dictionary when it gives more information (e.g. synonymic) on a Finnish word. The full names of 1.250 vascular plants have also been added, and a survey of the plant families in "Nordens flora" by Bo Mossberg and Lennart Stenberg, Gyldendal 2020. See the last part of [Guide]Compounds (yhdyssanat).


The pocket dictionary contains only about 20.000 entry words in each language. But an analysis will often help you to understand much more.


The running programme has a topmost bar with a number of push-buttons on the screen. One of the last is [Guide]. Continue with [Guide]How to use the programme.


Further information may be obtained from:


                                              Henrik Aagesen