"The Words of West Greenlandic (Eskimo)" consists of six Greenlandic dictionaries (1871-1997+) and a programme GroenOrd for PC (Windows 98 or any later version, including Windows 10). When presented with a Greenlandic or Danish word, the programme will look it up in the dictionaries. It can also analyse almost any Greenlandic (and/or Danish) word in meaningful parts (morphemes), although with some ambiguity.


The Words of West Greenlandic can be downloaded from the web site You download a compressed file Groen.exe and insist on running it ('extract'); then a folder GroenOrd with the programme and dictionaries will be created. You have to insist, but no harmful files are included. With a click on the right mouse button you may create a short cut to the programme, and with the left mouse button pressed down you may pull the short cut out on the desktop.


Alternatively I can send you The Words of West Greenlandic with an installation programme on a Memory Stick. It is free of charge outside Denmark and Greenland.


When the programme is running, there is a topmost bar with a number of push-buttons on the screen. Two of the last are [Guide] and [Grammar]. Continue with [Guide]How to use the programme.


The central dictionary is P = Jonathan Petersen's purely Greenlandic Ordbogeeraq (i.e. 'Small dictionary') from 1951. It is cited (after an "*") last in the articles of the lexicon OseP. Here "se" stands for C.W. Schultz-Lorentzen's Greenlandic-Danish dictionary (1926) with English translation (by Aslaug Møller, 1927) of the Danish text. And "O" stands for the Greenlandic-Danish school dictionary Oqaatsit (i.e. 'Words') by Chr. Berthelsen, Birgitte Jacobsen, Robert Petersen, Inge Kleivan and Jørgen Rischel (1997).


A second edition by Nikolaj Rosing of Ordbogeeraq (P) was published in 1967. Additions and relevant changes in the second edition are shown in square brackets ([], beginning with "/" if it is a change). Rosing rectified e.g. "agdlagpâ" to "agdlápâ" (in new orthography both: "allappaa"), but this change is ignored here. Material which is in the first edition only is written in curly brackets ({}).


The lexicon OseP also contains the proto-forms and other information of relevance for Greenlandic from CED = Michael Fortescue, Steven Jacobson, Lawrence Kaplan: Comparative Eskimo Dictionary with Aleut Cognates, Second edition (Alaska Native Language Center, Fairbanks 2010).


The other lexica are:


Kr = Samuel Kleinschmidt's Greenlandic-Danish dictionary (1871) with a supplement (1893) by Chr. Rasmussen.


Bdg = The Danish-Greenlandic dictionary (1960) by Aage Bugge, Kristoffer Lynge, Ad. Fuglsang-Damgård and Frederik Nielsen.


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     Henrik Vagn Aagesen